ASIA NOW | Monnaie de Paris: Group show : KOREAN THREAD

19 - 22 October 2023

Korean Thread is the theme chosen by the gallery Louis & Sack for the 2023 edition of Asia Now. "Thread" is the intangible link between four contemporary Korean artists living in Paris, whose work invites us to contemplate nature in all its universality.

It is also the thread suggested, against a backdrop of Taoist thought: from the rhythmic and repetitive threads of Baek Seungsoo, to the trickling threads of water and earth by Chae Sung-Pil, the mechanical erosion of Kim Sangwoo's sculptures, to the horizon lines of Lee Hyun Joung's Mémoires du vent.

Using paper, canvas, ink and pigments, acrylic, stoneware or porcelain, the artists create a strong and intimate connection with nature through their materials.  In this universe, the five elements - water, air, earth, fire and metal - almost always appear as a narrative thread.