Seungho Yang

Born in 1955 in Korea, Seungho first studies wood-firing ceramics in the village of Ichon, next to Seoul. After some time spend in the United Kingdom in the 1970’s he moves to France in 1983, and settles in La Borne for the first time. Since 1985 he has shared his time between Korea, France and Switzerland where he built his own wood-firing knils ‘Tonggama’.


The ‘Tonggama’ knil is made up with local clay sand and straw, and is caracterized by slow wood firing. Seungho has discovered a surface texture technique by which he achieved a dried earth or tree bark like effect. For him, this surface texture showed « earth as it is » and he felt that « this is the way potters should work with the material, allowing the clay to speak its own language, instead of trying to make it something different ».